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    Büro 55+

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    Büro 55+ is a non-profit organisation where senior citizens living in Berlin-Lichtenberg can find support in finding hobbies and activities which promote socialising and a healthier, more active lifestyle. Büro 55+ also provides information and assistance in the areas of health, volunteering, leisure time, accommodation, and care.


    It was important to develop an identity that encompassed Büro 55+’s wide range of services and which communicated them clearly to the target audience: people over 55 years of age, many of whom not well versed in digital media and/or have a visual impairment. The online platform had to include complex functionality packaged in a very straightforward and easy-to-navigate way.


    Based on Büro 55+’s five main areas of expertise (health, volunteering, leisure time, accommodation, and care) we have developed a logo in the form of a five-bladed “fan” which looks distinguished yet vibrant in order to represent the organisation’s diverse fields. The clearly structured online platform – including a custom-made interactive map, font size enhancement function, and text-to-speech function – guarantees elderly people with limited experience in digital technology can find exactly what they are looking for and can access all the information in spite of any visual impairment they might have.


    • Wordpress
    • ACF plugin
    • Leaflet
    • JavaScript

    Interactive map.

    As none of the existing WordPress plugins could be customised in a way to achieve the map’s required appearance and functionality, a custom plugin was developed.

    The developed plugin solves several technical challenges. It:

    • provides an intuitive and simple way for site administrators to add new events from the dashboard
    • Allows visitors to easily suggest events directly from the website
    • Displays events in clusters based on their location in order to ensure better visibility of events and user experience
    • Provides a mechanism to handle scalability issues, in particular issues related to website loading speed, for a rapidly growing number of events
    • Minimises costs for the usage of map-related features such as geocoding and address resolution by utilising Open Street Maps instead of Google Maps, which has recently started to charge for their services based on the number of requests received.

    Blog section.

    A custom, multi-level taxonomy system allows for a fine-graded categorisation of posts and events, making it easier for users to find specific content

    • auto-publishing of posts and events to Facebook saves a lot of time for site administrators and editors. They create a piece of content once and it is automatically posted to different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Platform users can bookmark single articles or events without being asked to sign up to the system

    Communication platform.

    A communication platform provides a safe, user-friendly, and anonymous interface for people in the neighbourhood to get in touch with each other regarding different topics. A WordPress plugin anonymises user data and does not require or expose any personal information. Instead, people can contact each other through the built-in message button which sends a notification email to the post author once they receive a message on the platform. In order to send or receive messages users have to be logged in to the platform.

    How we build it

    Technical aspects.

    WordPress was chosen as a platform for project realisation as it provides a clear and intuitive content management system. Employing the appropriate plugins allowed for the integration of the functionality required for the project.

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